We Made It

Thursday, 7 July, 2022 - 11:38 am

 We made it! The year that was impossible has come to an end!

Alas!  After 9 months, which is 1216 hours, or 73005 minutes...  and enough Covid drama to last a lifetime, we have arrived at the conclusion of the school year with a tremendous sense of accomplishment for our entire school community!

On a personal note, I found each day to be highly exciting and memorable. I would like to say thank you to all for a wonderful supportive year at TDS. While it was not easy for anyone we have all emerged stronger for it.

In reflection of the year gone by, I am happy and proud to have the honor and privilege of serving the wonderful TDS students, faculty, and community at large.

As we pull the ship into port I would like to thank:

  • The staff and faculty of TDS for their diligence and team spirit.

  • Morah Yaffa BarYam for her steadfast dedication to her students at TDS. Morah Yaffa you were with us each step of the way - Thank you!

  • Our Shluchos Mrs. Chanie Lazaroff, Mrs. Gitty Francis, and Mrs. Esti Zaklikowsi Together with Mrs. Goldstein all of whom enriched grades 4 - 8 girls with their daily davening classes. 

  • The parents for their support and willingness to come to the table and work out thorny issues of Chinuch and Covid  with our teachers and administration;

  • The kindergarten graduates; I salute their extraordinary learning and achievements, and welcome you to the place where the “big kids live,” upstairs; 

  • The eighth-grade graduates; I congratulate your achievements and growth and wish you hatzlacha in all future endeavors. We at TDS look forward to hearing great news about the successes in your lives.

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