Accounting for Our Blessings

Thursday, 7 July, 2022 - 11:19 am

As I speak to colleagues across the country, they always ask, "How's it going in school with COVID?"  I am grateful to be able to answer them, "No cases in school this year."  I am truly awe-filled that in the midst of a global pandemic, with Houston peaking as a recent hotspot, we can say that we have avoided cases of COVID in school.  Baruch Hashem!

As such I will share a few points which the experts feel are important for our protection.

When anyone enters the building, be it a student, a teacher, or a parent, she or he must wear a mask and have a fever check.  The check takes place at the student's designated entry, or the front office after 9 a.m.  These are things that everyone does every day, with no exceptions.

The school building is currently designated for students and staff only.  It pains us greatly to omit physical parental participation in the classroom, as we wholeheartedly believe in parent-teacher partnership.  However, for the greater good of the physical health of the entire community, we regretfully must have parents stay outside the building at all times.  Parents who are listed as members of the 8:00 minyan are permitted in the shul and bathroom only and must enter through the appropriate doors after temperature checks.

ECC parents walking their children to class must walk outside to the doors where their teachers are waiting for them. Please do not enter through the front door even if you have an access card. That means that EC1 and EC2 go to the apartments; EC3-K go to the rear door by the mikvaot; and grades 1-8 walk through the side door from the carpool area. 

A final note, just for this week, is that we must absolutely avoid parking even one car in the school parking lot from 6:45-7:45 a.m.  With the tent up for high holiday services, plus one or more cars, the garbage truck has been unable to pass through to pick up our trash, which is overflowing.  Please park on the street or in the parking lot across the street for early minyan.

May we all see the blessings of safety and health revealed to us through these and other acts of kindness to each other.  I wish you all a continued happy, healthy holiday season!

Shabbat Shalom.

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