Judaic Curriculum

Our teachers teach the essence of Judaism by exemplifying the values inherent in our culture. They demonstrate to our students the value of a culture that has a tradition of social justice in the face or persecution, of innovative thought when faced with constraints and of thriving despite difficult odds.

We liken Jewish culture to a string that pulls us through from the past to the future by linking our students to its inherent values. Our teachers show our students how to balance their personal - and one-day public - lives through the understanding of the warp and weft of our communal past.

We believe this healthy awareness of Jewish history and tradition, opens each student to a greater sense of self and the past. This awareness serves as a prism through which students learn to make ethical decisions for themselves and their community. By establishing this foundation at an early age, our students learn to move confidently through society with a wonderful set of resources at their disposal.

 The curriculum is diivided into four areas:

  • Torah Studies : Chumash, Navi, Mishna and Talmud.
  • Halacha: Jewish laws and customs.
  • Lashon Ivrit : Hebrew language.
  • History: including both historical events and personalities as well as Jewish perspective .