Torah Day School is gratified to announce a full schedule of  online and offline activities for Lag B'Omer, a day of holy rejoicing.  Please use the links below to join in all day.

Students, please be prepared for the Lag B'Omer parade at 1:00 PM with: 

  • 33 cents for Tzedakah
  • A snack to make a brocha on
  • A Tehillim to join in Kapital 119 (first and last Posuk) and Kapital 133

Lag B’Omer Schedule:


 9:00 AM  Davening (Grade 1 here, Morah Yaffa's class) (Grade 2 and 3 here)  ( Grades 4-6 boys here)  ( Grade 7-8 boys here)  ( Grade 4-8 girls here)
 9:30 AM  Regular schedule with a Lag B’Omer focus
 12:00 PM   Lunch
 1:00 PM  School viewing of Lag B’Omer parade
 2:00 PM

 Storytime with Rabbi Perl  and  Special Guest Appearances

 3:00 PM Dismissal-  At home family field day activities  as desired