The Office of Rabbi Francis 


Assembly Hall

Hours: 8:00 a.m. and on, by appointment.

Early Childhood Center Links

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EC1, Morah Tirtsah

EC2, Morah Gitty

EC3, Morah Sarah

Pre-KindergartenMorah Stacey

Kindergarten,  Morah Marissa

ALL ECC Special Activity Time, 9:40-10 daily

Day School Links

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First Grade Online Click Here

Second Grade Online Click Here 

Third Grade Online Click Here

Fourth Grade Online Click Here

Fifth Grade Online Click Here 

  Middle School Links

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Rabbi Gniwisch

Rabbi Ceitlin 

Rabbi Lazarus

Mrs. Fishman

Mrs. Ceitlin


Mrs. Jones

Ms. Lax Gr 8 

Mrs. Novosad 

Mrs. Howell

Mrs. Fuerst

Rabbi Lazarus 


 7:30  R. Gniwisch      R. Ceitlin
 8:00  R. Ceitlin  Mrs. Gniwisch  Mrs. Gniwisch  R. Ceitlin
 8:45  R. Gniwisch  Fishman  R. Lazarus  R. Ceitlin
 9:30  R. Gniwisch  R. Lazarus  Mrs. Ceitlin  R. Ceitlin
 10:15  Recess  Recess  Recess  Recess
 10:30  R. Gniwisch  R. Lazarus  Mrs. Ceitlin  R. Ceitlin
 11:15  R. Gniwisch  Fishman  Lax  R. Ceitlin
 12:00  Lunch Break  Lunch Break  Lunch Break  Lunch Break
 1:00  Howell  Fuerst  Novosad  Jones
 1:40  Howell  Novosad  Fuerst  Jones
 2:15  Recess  Recess  Recess  Recess
 2:30  Fuerst  Howell  Jones  Novosad
 3:05  Novosad  Howell  Jones  Fuerst
 3:40  End of School Day  End of School Day  End of School Day  End of School Day