Students learn the importance of a mind-body fusion at the school's ongoing Athletics Program. Students learn to physically excel. In this way, they learn to persevere, set goals to improve their fitness and to combine a drive to succeed with a sense of kindness and team spirit.  The idea is to ensure that the students understand the importance of a mind-body fusion, that healthy bodies help spark active, effective minds.

Tae Kwon Do
Tal and Nir Moriah are returning to teach Tae Kwon Do to our boys. Nir won first place in the US Nationals and is vying for a place on the Olympic Team.   Tal won 3rd place at Nationals. Andrea is teaching the girls class. She, too, has “placed” in many tournaments. We are lucky to have such talented teachers. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students. Tae Kwon Do teaches discipline, self confidence, coordination, strength and concentration.

Tae Kwon Do is offered to boys (Monday & Wednesday) after school.  Check with the school office for updated dates and times.