Judaic Studies

The Jewish people's persistence throughout history - through difficult periods of persecution and anti-Semitism, assimilation and survival - is phenomenal. Indeed, it has kept our people from washing away with the sands of time. That secret to the unbroken transmission of our heritage from one generation to the next is the special bond between parent and child-links in a chain from the beginning of time. 

The success of Torah Day School is tied directly to our children, teachers and parents. Our teachers are living examples of the lessons they teach. The joy and pride that they exude is infectious. We believe that through a healthy awareness of Jewish history and tradition, a child is opened to a greater sense of self and past. This awareness serves as a lens through which the student learns to make ethical decisions for themselves and their community. By establishing a foundation at an early age, children learn to move confidently through society with a wonderful set of resources at their disposal. For this reason we are not surprised when students are not the only ones asking questions. Parents like to learn as well.

Judaic Curriculum

The curriculum is diivided into four areas: