Elementary School (Grades K-5)

Teachers at Torah Day School have very high standards, both academically and ethically. The teachers enrich and surpass the national and state objectives at all levels. Students learn in exciting, tangible ways, with teachers integrating the material so that every subject attains the grade's overall goals in history, language arts, math and science.

National, international, state and Jewish history are taught creatively incorporating relevant literature. Students research and perform vivid historical re-enactments to make the lessons of the past come to life.

Math is taught using all the latest methodologies. Manipulative material is used to encourage kinesthetic learning and comprehension of concepts. The wonder of the universe remains not only spiritual but is broadened through scientific exploration. The scientific method, therefore, begins in Kindergarten and is fully understood as a process for all experimentation in the science classes.

Critical thinking, while an integral part of all learning, is an essential tool in writing. Teachers stress journal writing and strong language skills. The focus on writing is two-fold. One is to teach students to take risks, creatively. The second is to learn writing, not as an abstract skill, but as a tool used in context. Using creative and concrete methods enables students to be effective, life-long communicators. Professional authors are brought into the school to teach creative writing under the WITS program (Writers in the Schools). Students build on the love of literature through the novels they read in each grade level.

Torah Day School avails itself of many of the cultural and educational experiences Houston and the surrounds offer. All students have the opportunity to attend plays, tour museums, visit historical sights, participate in museum workshops and attend local events and lectures.
All grades participate in a physical education program stressing team work and, gross motor skills and game strategy. In addition computer technology is taught from kindergarten through eighth grade culminating with graduates producing their own yearbook using skills they learned.

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Below is our 2011 Third Grade Class performing a portion of their educational play written by Mrs. Amy Shannon (Our Third Grade Teacher)