Torah Day School was founded over thirty years ago by a group of visionary parents and continues to have a culture of parental involvement .   Parents and families at TDS enjoy becoming actively involved in a variety of aspects of school and community life , coordinating and planning a myriad of programs within and outside of the classrooms.

A basic value of TDS is that of care for the less fortunate and active service within our community. The school has earned a fine reputation for its chesed (kindness) based projects and general involvement in the Houston Jewish community. This philosophy  of giving back permeates the school’s character and sets the stage for the school’s continued growth and success as well as setting the lifelong example to our students and families of their important roles in the continuity of the Jewish people on a larger scale.

Students are active in a service club which encourages chesed hours ranging from working at retirement centers to befriending peers with special needs.  These experiences influence the students and launch them on the lifelong path of giving to others. 

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