Goals and Objectives

Cluster One: Students will be provided with the opportunity to excel in a high quality Judaic and general education.

  1. Students will be guided through developmentally appropriate curriculum, designed by their teachers and administrators, in pre-school through the eighth grade.
  2. This curriculum will meet or exceed state and federal requirements in all grades.
  3. The school’s curriculum undergoes continual assessment with the most current curriculum design published and made available annually.
  4. Students will be assessed both formally and informally, by their teachers on a regular basis to ascertain their mastery of the curriculum, and its learning objectives.
  5. Students will engage in a variety of individual, paired, small group, and whole class learning experiences, using a myriad of media, in order to understand and apply learning objectives. 
  6. Students will have classroom opportunities and other learning experiences to provide bridges between significant Judaic concepts and their practice, application, and validity in the modern world.

Cluster Two: Students will apply their Judaic learning to become active participants in their local Jewish community.

  1. Students will learn and have the opportunity to share their knowledge of daily, Sabbath , and holiday prayers, songs, and observances.
  2. Students will involve themselves in the greater Jewish community (and provide ambassadorship for Torah Day School) by providing community services.

Cluster Three: Students’ identity as valuable, contributing members of the Jewish community and world at large will be strengthened through their Torah Day School experiences.

  1. Students will have opportunities to assess their personal strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Students will establish, plan for, and accomplish personal goals by:
    • further honing personal and academic strengths,
    • planning strategies to strengthen areas of weakness,
    • conducting themselves in such a way that their goals can be attained,
    • monitoring personal progress of their plans,
    • participating in school sponsored or community events and programs which develop their concepts and skills.

Cluster Four: Students’ moral and ethical standards and behaviors are guided by Torah law and values.

Cluster Five: Students will apply what they learn in extra-curricular situations:

  1. Students will have opportunities to compete and collaborate with students in other schools.
  2. Students will participate in extra-curricular activities to reinforce learned concepts and principles.