Torah Day School is located at 10900 Fondren Road and housed in the new 3 acre campus of   The Chabad Lubavitch Center . Through the various organizations and programs, the center is for family and community, for celebration and discovery, for spiritual renewal and for reaching out to help others. This is a place you can truly call "home".

Over thirty years of growth and service for Jews of all ages and walks of life, Chabad Lubavitch Center – the Texas Regional Lubavitch Center Headquarters–is now transformed into a new state of the art campus.

A glorious display of masterful modern architecture and ingenuity, the symbolic “Vessel Ramp” is inspired by Chabad’s mission and lesson for life’s greatest challenge: The molding of the world as a vessel for G‑dliness. Continuing their misssion, the anchor institutions of the Chabad Lubavitch Center will enjoy enhanced facilities for their activities in outreach, education and social services.

The Synagogue , Torah Day School, Mikvaot , Camp Gan Israel , Chabad Hebrew School , Libraries and Collel Adult Education Institute will be serviced with a total of over 30,000 square feet of space for young and old.

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