Dear TDS Faculty, Parents & Friends,

Torah Day School is looking to fill the position of Middle School Judaic Boys Teacher to its staff. We seek your help in finding the perfect candidate to join our exemplary staff. See below for the job description. Feel free to pass it along to any friends or family that may have an interest in filling the position!

Judaic Teacher
Job Description

Torah Day School of Houston is looking for a Judaic Teacher for our middle-school boys. Torah Day School (TDS) in Houston, Texas has offered quality Jewish and secular education for more than 35 years, currently serving about 130 students from early childhood through 8th grade.

We are looking for the right person (or bochurim) to be teacher, a guide, and a role model to our 5th through 8th grade boys.

In the case of a couple, ideally, this person will also run our summer camp and assist in the shul. There may also be potential for the spouse to teach or assist with teaching in any of our grades, lead girls’ programming or local Nshei Chabad events, or lead the school admissions process.

Responsibilities for the Judaic Teacher, Middle School Boys include:

  • Teaching middle school Gemara, Chumash, Chassidus at least four periods a day
  • Supervise boys’ davening with a minyan, including on-time attendance
  • Running all aspects of Chayolei Tzivos Hashem
  • Coordinate father/son learning
  • Prepare in-school and extra -curricular programming (farbrengens, etc)
  • Mashpia-type relationship with middle school boys

We would also be pleased if the candidate(s) could:

  • Act as official Baal Koreh for Shabbos
  • Perform as Yom Tov chazan
  • Plan community farbrengens and events
  • Youth programming in shul (youth minyans etc)
  • Afternoon mesibas shabbos
  • In the case of a couple, manage all aspects of our summer camp, from marketing, to hiring counselors, to overseeing operations

Skills and background (for couple):

  • At least 2 years of experience in the education field
  • Familiar with a variety of the secular and Judaic studies concepts, practices, and procedures
  • Willingness to be trained and mentored

A little more about TDS and Houston:

Torah Day School of Houston was founded in 1977 by the head shluchim to Texas, Rabbi Shimon and Mrs. Chiena Lazaroff. Our mission is to provide and promote the highest quality Judaic and general education to a diverse community of Jewish children. Today’s graduates head to yeshivos and seminaries across the globe from New York to Miami, Chicago to Monsey, Pittsburgh to Israel.

TDS is collocated with the Chabad of Texas regional headquarters in a recently renovated 30,000 square foot facility, with multiple playing areas over three acres. Many of our dedicated and talented staff members have more than 10 years teaching experience at TDS. Also, many of our parents are graduates of TDS and are raising their families in Houston.


The local Jewish community has several restaurants, including five under Mehadrin (Chabad) supervision. There are nine Chabad centers in the Houston area. Houston also has five other Orthodox shuls, two other schools, two women’s mikvaos (one Chabad), a men’s mikva, and a keylim mikva.

Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S., with parks, museums, and many other amenities for families. Our cost of living is estimated to be about 70% of New York City’s. Houses in the neighborhood list for around $200,000. Average winter temperatures are lows in the 40s and highs in the 60s, with less than 10 days per year below freezing. And the summer…well let’s just say you never have to shovel humidity!

How to apply: Like what you see? Interested parties should send resumes to [email protected]