Affording a Torah Day School Education

At Torah Day School, we seek to enroll and provide need-based financial aid to qualified students.  Financial Aid is awarded by an anonymous Financial Aid Committee.  All information submitted to the committee is kept strictly confidential.   

Please note that any Financial Aid awarded only applies to tuition. There is no assistance available for registration, student fees or aftercare.

Please send in the following forms to the admissions office to be considered for Financial Aid. 

  • Financial Aid Application (click and print)
  • Copies of your current and previous year's tax returns If your current return is not available, please submit current W2 forms.
  • If necessary, a written letter explaining any additional financial circumstances

Forms may be given to the school office or mailed in to:

Torah Day School

Attention: Financial Aid Committee

10900 Fondren Road

Houston, TX 77096

It is our goal to help as many families as possible to attend Torah Day School. However, financial assistance is limited and we urge you to send in your application along with your registration form.

For further information or questions; please contact the office, at 713-777-2000 or at [email protected]

Direct communication with the Financial Aid Committee is by e-mail only at [email protected]