Notes from Parents, Staff and Alumni...

Dear Mrs. Susman,

Thank you for all your hard work! I have always maintained that TDS teachers have a big job keeping secular studies on par with the depth of Torah learning that wells from the Chassidim’s heart. I believe TDS succeeds because of wonderful teachers like you. Like a master gardener you know when to push and when to pull back; always wanting the seedling to grow but always pushing, all the same, with sweetness and kindness. It is a tremendous gift to be able to teach our children to approach learning with confidence. It makes uptake and retention of new skills so much easier.

I myself have learned through following your example, not to get caught up in a hectic lifestyle, but to somehow focus on calm confidence. Now when I work with my child I am now mindful to show her through example to attend to our work with calm confidence.

Thank you for believing in my child and for being able to see her at a place where she will have mastered her trouble spots. That is how they will get there!!!

Thank you again!

Enjoy the flowers and have a Good Shabbos

A TDS Parent

My Dear Morah Yaffa,

Thank you for all your hard work. I consider it an incredible gift to be able to teach children Lashon Hakodesh and to do it well. There are those things that I cannot do for my children so I must look elsewhere for it. H.shem, in His infinite kindness gave you to us. I know our children are in the hands of a master teacher. I have seen a big change in my child. Her confidence in Hebrew is improving. I believe it is because she has a Master teacher to challenge her. You not only care about practical Hebrew skills but you also push the children to grow as individual. When my child is successful then she knows that she doesn’t have to be timid. Thank you for never giving up and always using your Sight of what each child can be and for using your many many skills to bring our children to master Lashon Hakodesh.

Enjoy the flowers and have a Good Shabbos!

A TDS Parent

Morah Shaina and Morah Donna, I don't know what you're doing...

...but you're doing it right. I was going to keep my son home from school today because he was congested this morning, but he cried and carried on that he wanted to go to school. When I took his temperature and it was fine and I realized that it was probably just allergies, I told him he could go. He literally jumped for joy! I asked him why he was so happy to go to school and he replied that he learns such "cool and fun stuff." I was really touched by his love and excitement for learning, and I feel that it is a credit to his wonderful teachers. Please continue the great work! I cc'd the administration because I felt that they should know what treasures they have on staff!

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