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Early Childhood Staff

Early Childhood Staff


Early Childhood Teachers

IMG_2200.JPGMrs. Eileen Kaplan
Early Childhood Coordinator 
Kindergarten Secular Teacher

Eileen Kaplan has been in Early Childhood education for the past 30 years. She has been a teacher, a director, a mentor, speaker and author. She is passionate about the role that early childhood education has on the success of a child throughout his/her school progress. The early childhood educator lays down the foundation for the child to then grow and thrive. These days, young children are expected to know so much before they even enter kindergarten. Eileen believes that children are able to learn through hands on experiences and literature. The focus will be emergent reading and math skills but the method will make the child want to achieve through doing. Through her position as both Torah Day School’s PreK teacher and Early Childhood Coordinator, she aims to build a strong sense of community with the students, parents and teachers.


Morah Miriam Litvintchouk
Early Childhood 1 Teacher


019.JPGMorah Donna Mark 
Early Childhood 2 Teacher
PreK Secular Teacher

 A Texas native, Donna Mark graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in English and a minor in Education, with Master’s course work in Early Childhood Education from Oklahoma State University and St. Thomas University. She has been involved in Early Childhood Education for thirty years. Besides her work in the classroom, Donna spent ten years as a Parent Education Director, in which she set up and directed a Parenting Center, coordinating and leading Parent Education Programs and Parent/Child Interactive Classes. Upon returning to the classroom, she rejoined the TDS faculty after almost twenty years as the morah for Tiny Tots 2 and the secular morah for Nursery II. It’s her love of young children and the enthusiasm with which they learn that drive Donna in the classroom each day. 

Morah Yafit Milo 
Early Childhood 3 Teacher

Morah Shaina Silverman
PreK Teacher
PreK blog - 

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